Glyn Stott Simpsons Collectibles

Glyn Stott The Simpsons

How it all started

 Well I have been collecting Simpson’s things now for about 19 years, I started with the Simpson’s when I was watching Madonna in concert on Sky one Way back in the early 90's.

This 30 sec advert with this yellow person (Bart) saying they are coming to invade the U.K. on Sundays at 6pm. That day I put a blank video tape in and I have taped (nearly) ever episode that SKY have shown, Plus a few extras that been aired on TV I now have over 60 video tapes.

That year my mum look up and down the high street to find something with the Simpson’s on it but every where she went no one had heard of them Then 2 years later Woolworths had a T shirt and that’s how it all started.

From T-shirts to life size a model that was only 100 made world wide to rear MP3 Players that only Simpson’s staff can get there hands on I have it here.

 In 2010 I will be setting a world record in watching all 20 years of the Simpson's non stop. This has been given the ok by the G.W.R