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Simpsons Wedding

Click on here for Daily Mirror Review of wedding  

Glyn adn Roy had there Civil Partnership on the 19th June 2010, 10 years to the day they meet, here are a few photos of the day and the cake.

This has to be the Simpsons 1st ever Gay Civil partnership themed wedding


World Record Attempt in watching all 20 years worth of the Simpson's NONE STOP

Just a quick update with thanks to the team @ SKY ONE, FOX TV in UK and USA it looks like that this record attempt will be done in

OCT 2010.

 I've just got to tie up a few loose ends then all system go. It will take me 6 1/2 days to watch all 400+ episodes with put any sleep I will be only aloud 10 min break every 90 min to wash, food, toilet. I have to watch all episodes from start to end Inc the end credits

I really like to thank everyone who has made this possible from the team at fox and sky to the G.W.R team and my friends and family for there support too.  

 Thanks You ! 

Glyn & Bart 2007 London VIP Premiar of the Simpson's Movie @ O2 London

 Here I am @ O2 area in London 2007 for the U.K. Premier of The Simpson’sMovie that was Only Shown for VIP. I was invited by S4C to meet 20th Fox to be told that I was Wales Biggest Simpson’s fan with Merchandise up to £47'000 Worth in my house, Visit the Photo Gallery to view some of the stuff.